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  Select Publications


TEDx Harvard: Incite Insight. What if You Became a Nurse? Sander’s Theatre Harvard University.  18 September, 2016.

Goldberg, S.A., Ali, N.G., Forsch, M.A., Thompson, C., Beiers-Jones, K. “Improving Healthcare For Transgender Immigrants And Refugees”; 2016 Oregon Public Health Association Annual Conference. Poster & Presentation.

Goldberg, S.A., Ali, N. G. (2016) Receiving the Iranian LGBTQ Refugee: A Model for Culturally Competent Care. Presented at the OHSU School of Nursing. 20 March. (In Partnership with IRCO and LCS)

Nightingale Magazine: Letter from the Founder (2017).

Leah C.S. Cepko, Joaquin A. Selva, Emily B. Merfeld, Anna I. Fimmel, Sana A. Goldberg, Paul J. Currie (2014). Ghrelin alters the stimulatory effect of cocaine on ethanol intake following mesolimbic or systemic administration. Neuropharmacology, July 2014.

Goldberg, S.A., Todd, G.I.S., Schuette, L.M., & Currie, P.J. (2012). Effects of systemic ghrelin and cocaine administration on ethanol consumption in the rat. Presented at the annual meeting of the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience, 15 October.

Goldberg, S.A., Todd, G.I.S., & Currie, P.J. (2012). Ghrelin antagonizes the stimulatory effect of cocaine on ethanol self-administration. Appetite, 59, e22. [Presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior, Zurich, 10-14 July].

Currie, P.J., Dono, L.M., Yee, M., Goldberg, S.A. (2011). Anorexogenic and metabolic effects of urocortin administration into the lateral septum area. European Journal of Neuroscience, Fall 2011.

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